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Welcome to the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN) Website. We are currently working to enhance our website by making it easier for you to navigate.

SCDDSN is the state agency that plans, develops, oversees and funds services for South Carolinians with severe, lifelong disabilities of intellectual disability, autism, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury and conditions related to each of these four disabilities. Our mission is to assist people with disabilities and their families in meeting needs, pursuing possibilities and achieving life goals, and to minimize the occurrence and reduce the severity of disabilities through prevention.

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Special Information

Public Reporting of Provider Data

DHHS has received Initial Approval of their HCBS Statewide Transition Plan effective November 4, 2016.

**SC Statewide Transition Plan**       **CMS Approval Letter**

A copy of the Initial Approval will be made available on the CMS website shortly.

Please find the Public Notice of the SC HCBS Statewide Transition Plan CMS Submission along with a copy of the SC HCBS Statewide Transition Plan as revised and submitted to CMS on October 28, 2016.

PUBLIC NOTICE       SC Satewide Transition Plan

This information is also available on the SCDHHS HCBS website at:

Aftermath Crisis Resources

Governor Nikki R. Haley proclaims October 2016 as
Disability Employment Awareness Month

SC HCBS Statewide Transition Plan- Revised - PUBLIC NOTICE

SCDHHS will hold a live online webinar to discuss the revised Statewide Transition Plan draft for public input.

Date: Aug. 23, 2016
Time: Noon (will also be recorded for later viewing)

SCDHHS will also conduct nine regional public meetings to discuss the Statewide Transition Plan for public input. All meetings will be from 6-7 p.m. The schedule is in the attached Public Notice document.

Please feel free to also go to the DHHS website: for information on the HCBS Rule, the public notice, and the Statewide Transition Plan.

public notice statewide transition plan-draft

Autism - Parent to Parent Support Program Study

Voting Rights for People with Disabilities in SC

Autism Services Guidance

New CMS Final Rule

Under the new law, the terms "mental retardation" and "mentally retarded" will be stripped from DDSN policy, procedures, standards, and the like. "Intellectual disability" and "individual with an intellectual disability" will be inserted in their place. Likewise, the combination of "mental retardation or a related disability" (aka MR/RD) will be replaced with "intellectual disability or a related disability" (aka ID/RD). In addition to these language changes, the following term will be stripped from DDSN policy, procedures, standards, and the like: "Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Mental Retardation" (aka "ICF/MR"). "Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities" (aka ICF/ID) will be inserted in their place. These changes will occur as laws and documents come up for revision over these next several years. The language swap will not alter the rights of individuals with disabilities nor will it alter the diagnostic criteria or conditions required for DDSN eligibility or for federal or state benefits.

Please use the link below if you would like to view the DDSN website in Spanish:

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