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Pilot Projects 


It may be in the best interest of persons with disabilities and special needs for DDSN to pilot in the field a new program or service of unknown effectiveness or efficiency before considering the implementation of the service or program statewide. Only the State Director may approve the initialization of a pilot service or program.

The purpose is to establish a process for approving or disapproving pilot services or programs requested by SCDDSN to be implemented. Pilot services or programs do not include technology, business solutions or other management tools.

Medical Host Home Model Pilot Summary:


Residential Habilitation Supported Living Model Pilot Summary:

Oconee and Community Options

Medical Needs Models Pilot Summary:

Babcock Center       Charles Lea Center

DDSN Pilot to Improve Health Outcomes of ID/RD and CS Waiver Participants

SCDDSN Day Services Pilot

Memo - Caregiver Relief Program

Caregiver Relief Pilot Program Explanation Phase 2

Caregiver Relief Pilot Program Application Phase 2

SCDDSN Individual Employment Services Pilot