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Consumer and Family Information 


The SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs provides services for the severe, lifelong disabilities of intellectual disability and related disabilities, autism, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury and related disabilities.

When you contact DDSN to determine if you are eligible for DDSN services, a list of questions will be asked to determine if you are likely to meet DDSN eligibility criteria. If your response clearly rules out eligibility, your Disabilities and Special Needs Board will refer you to more appropriate agencies/resources. If your response indicates you may be eligible, you will be provided with a list of service coordination providers. The provider you choose will help you through the eligibility process.

Please use the links below to provide you with more information on the various services and resources offered by DDSN, as well as information on how to acquire these services.

  1. Applying for Services
  2. Provider Reporting Dashboard
  3. Your Right to Privacy
  4. DDSN Divisions
  5. Medicaid Waiver Programs
  6. Finding a Qualified Service Provider
  7. Person Centered Services and its meanings
  8. Qualified Life Planners
  9. Early Intervention
  10. Support and Advocacy Organizations
  11. Publications
  12. Opportunities to Participate in Research Studies
  13. Find a Dentist
  14. Family Relief From Caregiving
  15. Public Health Resources
  16. Introduction and Rationale for the Support Intensity Scale(PowerPoint)
  17. DSM-5 Changes and the Impact on Autism Services Provided by DDSN
  18. Post-Acute Rehabilitation Funding for Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury
  19. The Center for Disability Resources Library