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Publications Available From SCDDSN 


The SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs offers the following publications free of charge for people with disabilities and their families. For copies or more information, call:

The SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
Office of Community Education
(803) 898-9692
V / TTY (803) 898-9600
FAX (803) 898-9653

Carolina Autism Resource and Evaluation (CARE)

  • information on SCDDSN's Carolina Autism Resource and Evaluation Center, a center to diagnose, assess and plan for services for people with autism.

Causes and Prevention of Intellectual Disability and Related Disabilities: A Handbook for School and Community Programs in South Carolina

  • handbook for professionals in community and school programs describing major causes of intellectual disability and related disabilities. Activities for prevention and additional resources are listed for each major cause described.

Choosing a Caregiver

  • offers individuals and families tips on interviewing prospective caregivers and ways to help the caregiver become familiar with the family.

Community Is the Classroom, The

  • offers families of preschoolers with Autism helpful advice in acquainting their children with the community.

Family Matters

  • guide for brothers and sisters of people with disabilities and special needs that provides suggestions for helping them face unique concerns and challenges.

Head Injury: A Family Guide

  • helps families adjust to living with a family member who has survived a brain injury. In addition to addressing relevant legal, social and vocational issues, the booklet advises families ways to create a new family lifestyle and ways to manage emotions and behaviors of the person with the brain injury.

Making Life Work After Head Injury

  • includes medical information about brain injuries and what may be expected during the rehabilitation process. It also offers suggestions to help a person with a brain injury become reacquainted and active with family and community.

Now...and the Future

  • a guide to guardianship, wills, trusts, life and health insurance, government benefits, and other practical matters. The guide was published by the SC Developmental Disabilities Council, Office of Governor in cooperation with SCDDSN.

Person-Centered Services

  • provides an overview of SCDDSN's person-centered services approach and explains how this initiative will improve services and benefit your child.

Planning Today for Your Child's Tomorrows

  • a guide for parents of a child with a disability that addresses the issues involved in developing a lifelong plan for the disabled child.

Practical Guide to Services

  • detailed information about programs and services available for people with disabilities. The guide also lists family support organizations, advocacy groups and other agencies which provide services to people with disabilities.

Services for People With Autism

  • lists support services available through SCDDSN's Autism Division.

Tax Bulletin for Families of People with Disabilities and Special Needs

  • general information about deductions and credits available to families of people with disabilities and special needs when filing state and federal taxes.

Working With Families Who Have Special Needs: A Guide for Professionals

  • a guide to help professionals work more effectively with families of children with special needs. The guide outlines DDSN professional principles and philosophy, and includes responsibilities for providing family-centered services.

Working With Professionals

  • a guide for families of children with developmental disabilities.

Working Together for a Brighter Future

  • the mission and principles of the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.