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Directives and Standards

To submit a recommendation for the DDSN Commission Policy Committee to review a specific Policy, Directive or Standard, Please email


DDSN Directives

Listing of DDSN Directives by Reference Number (PDF)

Current DDSN Directives

DDSN Directives Under Review For Comment


DDSN Standards

Current DDSN Standards

DDSN Standards Under Review For Comment




For convenience, DDSN Policies and Directives are organized under general numeric categories as follows:

  • 100-General Administrative, Community Education, Legal
  • 200-Fiscal, Internal Audit, Community Contracts
  • 300-Engineering, Services and Supplies, IT
  • 400-Human Resource Management
  • 500-SCDDSN Services, STS, Advocacy, Staff Development
  • 600-Regional Services and Programs
  • 700-Community Services and Programs